FREE Kids Protection Planning Guide – Learn the 9 Steps to Protect Your Child’s Future

by Jackie Bedard on February 4, 2010

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Kids Protection Planning Guide We’ve launched several new tools at the firm over the past few months and I wanted to make sure to get the word out to blog readers, starting with the Kids Protection Planning Guide.

This FREE guide reveals the Nine Insider Secrets to Guarantee Your Kids’ Future Is Never Left in the Hands of a Judge Who Doesn’t Know Who You Are or What’s Important to YOU!

Many of the parents I advise are shocked to discover that in nine out of ten cases, children are not REALLY protected if something happens to their parents—EVEN IF the parents have a will or have previously planned their estate with a lawyer.

That’s why I’ve put together an urgent and important Kids Protection Planning Guide that every parent with minor children must read!

In this FREE Kids Protection Planning Guide, I reveal:

The 9 simple steps you can take immediately to ensure the safety and care of your children… and why the police might have to take your kids out of your house if you were in a serious accident while you were out, if you don’t plan the right way.

A 3-step process for choosing the right person to raise your kids… and the 6 common mistakes parents make when choosing guardians for their children.

How you can make sure everything you leave your kids stays in your family forever… and isn’t lost to divorce, lawsuits, or estate taxes, ever!

Why these 9 simple steps aren’t something you can just ‘set and forget’ without updating… and the rock bottom, bare minimum review you need to do to ensure the safety and security of your kids.

How failing to plan could cost your family hundreds of thousands of dollars unnecessarily. (Hint: Did you know that estate taxes and probate taxes can be totally voluntary?)

To get your FREE Kids Protection Planning Guide rushed to you by first class mail, fill out form below!

(Hurry! Guides available while supplies last.)

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